Lukas Flott

Vrijdag 29 juli 2022

Have you ever wondered what a warm shower after a hard day of work feels like musically?
Exactly that is the feeling I want to create when playing music.
Intimate as a singer-songwriter at the piano, intense with a whole band and a hall-filling sound or light and finger-snapping when playing swingy solos – my sound derives from a variety of styles like Jazz, Pop and Funk and is always connected to the concept of following your own style and listening to your own inner voice.
Freedom is essential to my playing and writing as well as myself as a person and diving underneath the surface of reality, into a whole different universe of music, provides me with that freedom to enjoy, listen, discover and express myself in times of joy, hope and heartache.

Contactpersoon: Lukas Neuenfeldt
Telefoonnummer: 004915781527495
Locatie: Toko Mie & More
Aanvang: 17:00
Adres: Geleenstraat 13
6411 HP Heerlen

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